Re: Portable Virtual Box


Hi carlos.

Well I know qt5 has more accessability in it.

I am willing to try more things though since with what the vmware interface has shown me while settings are accessible there are somethings not and its not progressed from 15-16 version, as well as that the install of 16 basically bricked windows.

And while I finally was able to guess and get into my vmware account you have to pay for support and there is no way to report my issues which means in short I will never in a thousand reformats will reinstall or recommend vmware anything at all.

I have used their converter and its a nogo and well, to be honest I am over paying for my virtual machine software especially since I only have room for 1 vm at once anyway.

On 12/10/2020 3:39 pm, Carlos Medrano wrote:
Virtual Box is mostly accessible. There are a couple of places that NVDA won't read, such as the vm menu that appears when you do the host command to pull it up. Something else to note is that the UI is coded in QT, meaning that any quirks that QT-based programs have will also be present. A few areas in the settings dialog also are not properly read. For instance, the drop down that has the various categories sometimes reads the wrong item, instead of the one selected. It can also be painful to add things like new disk controllers as well for example. The good news is that anything doable with the UI should be doable with the command line.
Keep in mind that I haven't used Virtual Box in a couple of years, so many of these points may not be relevant with the latest version. I also have never used any portable version of Virtual Box, so I cannot speak to how well it performs.
Hope this helps.

On 10/11/2020 9:09 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

How accessible is virtualbox compaired to vmware workstation or its player.


In 2015 or there abouts after getting a new computer with the abilities to run hardware virtualisation, I got and downloaded what was supposed to be a reasonable accessible software package called vmware player and decided to buy vmware workstation pro 15.

Almost immediately I found a few issues.

Namely the non reading of edit fields in the program and the fact that there were some slowdowns.

Things were all right for what I was needing the software for but in 2020, I upgraded to the latest vmware 16.

Not only were my accessibility issues not fixed, but on reboot the windows keyboard refused to work till I ran a restore of windows.

I had previously installed enhanced keyboard and forgot to check it, which may have caused the issue but by then I wasn't that happy with the software interface.

Pluss on removing vmware software performance on my system went up.

As well as this I had forgotten my vmware account password and needed a captcha to get it and then I just couldn't be bothered anymore.

What is virtualbox like.

I am actually interested in portable virtual box because I can run it, its drivers and services when I want will run and it will go away when I am done, yet I can use it and it may just be the ticket to my fiddling.

Then again after the almost near fatal experience with the latest vmware on windows I am loathed to bother trying at all.

I don't have room for a dedicated system to run virtual anything and since I almost had to reformat due to no keyboard working in windows, and with my tinkering with virtual machines really just that, I seriously don't want to go through that again.

If its possible I therefore want something that will run from anywhere, and then when I don't need it go away leaving windows in tact.

Is it worth to try again, it looks like I may get a better ride with keyboard shortcuts and can customise them which will be really cool.

But is it worth it and will it be better than vmware or should I simply get out of virtual machines alltogether.

On that note, is the hypervisor hyper v system in windows worth my time.

It comes with the os so I hope it will not destroy windows if I make a mistake.

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