Re: Beyond trust aka avecto: NVDA not reading prompts

Carlos Medrano

I'm not entirely sure what may be happening in your case, but I'm almost certain that the program is spawning a window as the local system account in Windows. Many programs of this nature tend to do that because they run deeply ingrained with the operating system. The only way I know to work around this is to spawn NVDA as the local system account (don't do this permanently), and then interact with the prompt.
You can do this by using PSExec found at ( Keep in mind that you need admin access to the machine for this to work.
To use the utility, Unzip it somewhere on your desktop and open a command prompt as administrator. Change directory to the extracted utility. Then spawn a command prompt as the local system account by running something like PSExec.exe -sid cmd. In the new command prompt window, find your NVDA directory and run nvda.exe. NVDA will restart with local system account privileges.
Hope this helps.

On 10/12/2020 9:15 AM, Pranav Lal wrote:
Hi all,

Has anyone encountered a program called avecto now beyond trust?

My employer uses it for privilege management on our laptops. Whenever I need
to install a program or do anything involving administrative privileges, I
am prompted by avecto. NVDA does not speak anything in that dialogue. I have
memorized keystrokes to bypass the dialogue. Having said that, I do wish
there were a solution to this.


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