Re: Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode conflict with NVDA

Scott Salzman

Hi Louise,


I believe that the example URL you included in your email,, is actually a URL that points to the RSS feed, and not to a web browser-friendly version of the information contained in that feed.  I think that if you just remove the trailing "rss" from this URL, you'll find a web page that is intended to be read with a web browser (that URL would be, and will work as I believe you intend for it to work.  If this suggestion does what you wanted, then when you encounter a web page that seems like you've run into a similar issue, if those pages' URLs have either a trailing "rss" or a trailing "feed", try removing them from the URL, and then reading the page that the resulting URL points at.


Since this might help with future troubleshooting, I'll mention that, on the shorter version of the above URL example, I found a link called "Subscribe to RSS feed".  Links with that text typically point at RSS feeds, so they're not likely to be readable as web pages.


Oh, and if is a podcast site you visit, then you probably already know this, but each podcast title is a level 2 heading, and the only way I was able to get the podcasts to play, using NVDA, was to use Shift+Enter on the play buttons.


So the issue you described with NVDA and certain web browsers, may be due to how certain browsers behave when they try to recognize and process an RSS feed.


Hope this was helpful and neither too technical nor not technical enough.





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Hi.  I didn't want to send a long list of urls to the list.  I've placed an example below my name.  I should note that Google Chrome creates the same xml error, although it doesn't have Internet Explorer mode.




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