Re: Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode conflict with NVDA


Sometimes, one browser, even Internet Explorer, works better on a certain page. It may be the best solution to use Internet Explorer on that page, if it is a [page that should be safe. I don't know if or what kinds of ads are shown on the page, but that is where I would expect the danger to be, so you would be, I think, pretty safe on a page like that either if it has no ads or if you use an ad blocker.

In spite of the errors or odd presentation, is there anything you can't do on the page with the other browsers? I didn't look carefully but it looked to me as though you might be able to do what you want, just less conveniently.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode conflict with NVDA

Hi. I didn't know exactly how to describe the phenomenon apart from an error. Internet Explorer displays the page correctly, along with the other pages that do this. I'm aware that Internet Explorer is nearing its end-of-life date, so I want to find a workable alternative. While we're on the topic of feeds not reading correctly, what is a feed code error? The url for the Victor Reader Stream feed displays a feed code error in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.



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