Re: NVDA and Vocalizer expressive


I have the latest codefactory vocaliser express voices but to be honest thats not been updated with the cerence ones.

The biggest issue I have with vocaliser express instead of the old realspeak voices on the jaws cd I got from someone else is pronounciation can sometimes drop back to the occasional us pronounced character or word.

Things are not always as smooth but they are 32 and 64 bit so I don't complain.

And since acapella costs a bundle for the usb keys and since the only distributor in english is english and the cost is really high its not like I will ever buy those.

On 13/10/2020 12:41 pm, Chris Shook wrote:
Has Vocalizer for NVDA been updated with the latest voices yet?
Hey, also which voices in Vocalizer are the most expressive?

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