Re: Beyond trust aka avecto: NVDA not reading prompts


Well, you could simply ask to have it uninstalled from your laptop and not use it.

If this is something that is needed, maybe have a time you can just get the admins to do something to update whatever it is.

Not sure about this software per say, but maybe you can exclude things from it, like updating your reader, etc.

Generally you don't need or should install anything not work related on a company laptop.

On 13/10/2020 3:15 am, Pranav Lal wrote:
Hi all,

Has anyone encountered a program called avecto now beyond trust?

My employer uses it for privilege management on our laptops. Whenever I need
to install a program or do anything involving administrative privileges, I
am prompted by avecto. NVDA does not speak anything in that dialogue. I have
memorized keystrokes to bypass the dialogue. Having said that, I do wish
there were a solution to this.


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