Re: Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode conflict with NVDA


Programs in general work after they are no longer supported. Some people still use XP. Some people still use Office 2007. No longer supported means the program is no longer updated, and in the case of a program where security updates are issued, such updates aren't issued either.

It isn't a question in the case of Internet Explorer of whether it will continue to work. When it is unsupported, and I think that will occur in about two years, it won't receive security updates. Therefore, it will become increasingly vulnerable to attacks. It is already vulnerable now even with security updates for various reasons and, as is being seen, increasing numbers of web sites won't work with it over time.

But you can still use it on pages that you think are safe enough to risk doing so if it works significantly better on such pages. With most pages, using Internet Explorer will confer no benefit.


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Hi. I was able to use Internet Explorer to read the feed correctly, as well as the other ones that use xml. I didn't know if Internet Explorer would still work after its end-of-life date. I'll try removing the trailing text like "rss" or "feed" as suggested in an earlier message in this thread. A couple of the websites I use don't date the podcast episodes on the regular page, so I like the feeds in those cases.



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