Re: Updating NVDA

Leslie <soundsofmusic@...>

I just updated NVDA. Because I just found notices on the list.  That was a very easy update, or is it that I am getting used to updating with W10.  Can you believe that I used to be phobic about updating my computer with any older program?  It used to take so long to update with slower computers and programs.  Now it’s even easier to update Windows with these faster computers.  Yippi.


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From: Louise Pfau
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 11:03 AM
Subject: [nvda] Updating NVDA


Hi.  I have the "automatically check for updates" and "notify for pending updates on start-up" checkboxes checked, but I don't seem to be getting notifications about updates.  I do receive the notifications when I manually check for updates.  For example, I checked after the notice to the list about the 2020.3 release.  Has anyone else come across this?




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