Re: waterfox error



              Please read the following, from the Admin Notice entitled, List Updates: Please Read  (Sent April 11, 2020):

  • Speaking of logs, we should avoid sending long logs to this list.
    • Logs may contain personal information to your system, your set-up, or possibly keystrokes you press, etc.
    • It is not expected that users on this list will know how to read logs, or that they will dissect those logs for you to determine the issue. Please reach out to NVAccess directly. No doubt there is already a process in place for this, however we shouldn't ask users to post logs to this list.

I am asking you, and all other members, not to post logs, or even parts of logs, to this group.  It's not a developers group, there are few here who can possibly decipher logs.  If an issue is believed to be a problem with NVDA, then, as directed, "please reach out to NVAccess directly," by filing an issue [AKA bug] report.

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