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The Institute for the Blind, or as it is known after a name change, Kaleidoscope, opened a hightech training centre for the training of vision impaired people, world wide, on I-phone, or IOS based equipment.


Of the intended trainees will be the students at the Pioneer School for the Vission Impaired in Worcester, South Africa.


Can anybody advise us on the availability of educational games, or any other games, that might be suited for the initial introduction of children aged from 5 to 10 years. Advice on games for teenagers and adults will also be welcome.


The games must be I-phone or IOS based. If the games are free, it will be fantastic, but if not, we’ll buy. The bottom line is just that we need to get such games to use for the introduction of children to the I-phone/IOS environment.


I hope that someone will be able to give us some information


Regards, and thanks


Christo Vorster (Worcester South Africa)


Christo Vorster

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