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NVDA checks for updates roughly once a day - so if you are active on the list or follow NV Access on social media, you may well see the posts about a new version coming out before your copy goes off to look for it.  That manually running the check for updates feature found the new version indicates that NVDA can check for updates and find the new version, so it likely would have prompted you maybe later in the day or the next day if you hadn't tried earlier.  We could set it to check more often I'm sure, but given we release usually four updates a year, it's arguably not worth it just to try to get in before you see it on the list here :)

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i go the same as brian and also i check for updates and do the update there
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I have not come across this, specifically, but my decades of dealing with all sorts of software have shown me that, over time, a lot of software that's been updated, and particularly repeatedly, via "install over" updates often gets wonky.

If/when they do, I simply uninstall them entirely using Control Panel, then install the updated version separately afterward.  This solves these issues in almost all cases.

NVDA makes this particularly easy, since your user data is stored in your own AppData folder, so any configuration changes you've made, add-ons you've installed, etc., are all still there when you do a fresh install.


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