The plot thickens on waterfox error



Well, today after cruising through all my sites including the blogspot one, on waterfox 2020.08 I decided to check the log.

For those interested the link is.

For the rest of you not wanting to break down the log here is the deal.

While there were no rpc errors, garbage collecter generated over 184 errors in a stack.

These seemed to be i accessible windows and other modules.

Here is the thing.

in waterfox 2020.09 this crashed waterfox and froze nvda.

in 08 it does nothing.

Fine, but now that puts the question, what the difference is.

Technically I guess it doesn't matter.

However if nvda is generating errors and can run fine why should it.

Except in the latest waterfox it is actually having an issue with them.

Now granted waterfox does get some updates from mozilla firefox for both its current and classic builds and firefox has had a few small updates to get past some issues, so who knows.

This does put a prospective on the errors though that I have been having.

These look to be web page interaction errors, maybe buffers who knows.

The question, what is the difference betwene the 2 waterfox versions that both get nvda to generate the same error.

The thing is, in 2020.08 nvda doesn't give a damn.

In 09 it does.

I don't know why but if we can find this out maybe we can fix other issues, who knows.

At any rate I will try again once the latest waterfox appears.

And if that continues to continue I'll just stay on 08 for ever.

My security tools I have are probably enough though I was hoping to continue using this brouser as updated as I can, and granted while its a lot better, the random errors and weird crashes turn me off quite quickly.

If it were not for some sites in chrome that have deciman points in prices, ie 19.00 is 1900 where the points seem to be excluded I'd probably switch to chrome, also the way some content is displayed like the hp website in chrome and how it interacts is a bit strange to.

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