Request for Assistance from Members: Bounce Notifications


Hello All,

          When has difficulty sending messages to the e-mail address of record for your account, you are sent an e-mail message like this one in the documentation:

That example dates from 2019, so I'm not certain whether any format changes have been made.  As the instructions note toward the end of the message, "To unbounce your account, go to the following link:," where the link to activate is custom generated for a given bounce incident.

What I would like to know is what tells you after activating the link, whether that's a message after activation on the page it directs to saying that you have successfully (or unsuccessfully) gotten rid of the bounce, or if you get an e-mail message confirming this.

So the next time any one of you gets a bounce notification, and activates that link, would you mind sending a message to letting me know what sort of response, whether online at the page for the link, or via e-mail, you get once this link is activated?


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