Re: firefox and waterfox issues.

Rosemarie Chavarria

It's proper neticit to top post.

On 10/15/2020 9:19 AM, john doe wrote:
You are correct, I can't get use to the windows top-posting world.

I should refrain from posting to this list.

On 10/15/2020 1:13 PM, Gene wrote:
You are bottom ;posting and a lot of people will skip your message
because they don't want to plow through the content to find the new
message.  Also, many people will think you left a message with no new
content by mistake.

As far as having scripts disabled, which is what you are discussing, I
have seen no instance in which that contributes to crashes and
performance problems, and I have scripts disabled unless I need them
because its safer. I've done this for years.  Plus, the problems didn't
occur until recently which indicates that something, somewhere, has

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On 10/15/2020 8:41 AM, john doe wrote:
On 10/14/2020 8:47 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
I'd go with either edge or chrome.

On 9/25/2020 7:22 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Yeah, its starting to become a thing I am jumping towards to.
Since firefox and waterfox share some features well that makes sence.
I have downgraded to 2020.8.1, but even in the 08x series the system
has been running hot with the brouser active so there could be a leak
going on.
I like classic waterfox because of its uncluttered nature, but if the
makers of this thing refuse to acknowledge that its a problem on their
end, then I am going to have to abandon noscript 5, and try to use
chrome, edge, brave or something.
I'd ideally like a firefox like classic brouser.
What I may have to do is switch back and fforth.
Right now I am running an older waterfox classic which does what I
need it to do but yeah, I am starting to get that to.
Its random, sometimes its fine then sometimes its not.
It can happen quickly or it can well happen later on and randomly.
Taking into account that I have at least 1 site I use for work which
is known to be slow and a lot slower now because it just is who knows.
Its only happening if I load several things in the same tab, any new
tabs are not effected.
At first I thought it was java or  malware but its getting to crazy
now, worse its even happening on sites like blogspot where I don't
allow any scripts to execute.
That is probably the issue, if you don't allow dinamic content on the
page, you're heading for trouble.

Are you having the same issue(s) with Tor Browser?
Also have you look at the changelog between the two releases to
understand what could trigger the issue(s)?

Did you try the latest release of NVDA next (trunk)?

John Doe

John Doe

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