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It appears to me that Window-eyes had a feature that moved you, while in a document, from one word flagged as misspelled and another. F7 will, do mostly the same thing in the spell check dialog. As far as I know, and I would like to be wrong about this, in the spell check dialog, NVDA doesn't have a read word in Context feature. JAWS will read the word in the sentence where it appears if you issue the command to do so. It would be valuable if NVDA added this ability.


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If I get you correct then Alt will only toggle you between the document and the ribbon in MS Word. Try using F7 for a quick spell check.


On Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 23:33, Janet Brandly <> wrote:

Hello all,

First, regarding the focus problems I was having, things seem to have improved since installing the newest NVDA. Thanks for your input.

Here’s my next question: Back in the Window-Eyes days one could spellcheck documents with WE. Pressing the alt-. and alt-, would move between mis-spelled words. Is it possible to do this with NVDA, particularly with Word documents?



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