Re: NVDA With Task Manager

Richard Wells

I love the old task manager! It is great to have it back. I did run into
the same problem on the winaero site that I described in another thread.
The download link would not work using NVDA and Chrome latest. I had to
copy the URL from the context menu and the run dialog to get the
installer to download.

On 10/16/2020 12:06 PM, JM Casey wrote:
Imo the new task manager is much better. I used to use Process Explorer instead of the old (so called classic) task manager, but I don't bother with it much anymore (well, it also doesn't work great with nVDA, to be fair...)
I did notice that there were huge and annoying lag for my screen-readers (never tried narrator though) with both task manager and settings apps...I mean, having to wait five or six seconds between a key press and speech output. Thankfully this "went away' several windows updates back, though I'm not really sure when.

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That's true about slower machines. There is an alternative though, a utility that can get classic old Task Manager in Windows 10 back.

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