Re: my friend's problem is solved for now

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Sean,

The techie had my friend's computer for over a year. She tried to get a hold of him but he never returned her calls. I kept trying to tell her that she might have to pay for good tech service but she put her trust in the guy. I think he messed her computer up royally!

On 10/16/2020 3:29 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well and you can see how much issue I have with computer shops and some others.

Its not been like this for a while because I managed to get a trusted supplier.

But here is what used to happen a few years back.

1.  computer has an issue.

2.  get it fixed.

3.  reformat and reinstall because the shop left or installed extra junk on the computer, didn't clean it up and so windows is a mess.

On 17/10/2020 9:41 am, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

We tried a restart and that

didn't work either.

On 10/16/2020 1:38 PM, Chris via wrote:

I think the first thing to try is to restart the computer, see if that fixes  the issue



From: Rosemarie Chavarria
Sent: 16 October 2020 21:23
Subject: [nvda] my friend's problem is solved for now




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