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Well when I get a system to fix, I always ask if this is, a get it working no matter what, or is this, get it, test it, give me a deadline and maybe a contract and I'll get it done.

If the forma, then I will do what I need to do to get it working ignoring everything else.

For most people that I handle their system, I ask what they want, whats it doing, how have they done it and note it down.

When I get a new system to fix, the first thing I do is reformat.

A reformat fixes everything and means I don't have to handle all the stuff I don't know and gets me control.

It also makes me put things together without stuff getting in the way.

I also make note of hardware, devices, the system specs etc.

I then install everything needed and any extras people want, do research on the system and optimise it.

Its up to them weather they keep it that way however.

And 90% of all my customers keep it like that.

Excluding the one guy that clicked all the boxes on websites saying his system was infected because he was scared about the icons on the system tray, that actually got a chuckle outa me.

The same guy then coppied his user account over without following all the safety procedures to do that requiring me to make another account and reinstall a bunch of extra stuff, and to be sure I gave him the 6 page document and told him that thats not the way you do it.

The only other one I had was a person that I got everything working that continuously did the same things to break it, ie loaded cracked software, used dodgy sites, clicked the links.

This person also didn't give me their list of what they wanted and just said it was slow.

So I got the system, reformatted it again, tested it, loaded and said it was fine.

2 weeks later, its broken, so I got the system, reformattted it, tested it and it was fine.

This happened 6 times before I decided the easiest way was to reformat the system, load xp which what it originally had, load it to factory defaults, and hand it back with a disk of all the stuff I put on it, and end the contract because it was becoming a total hellish bore.

Now I am at some point facing a person that has a system that was never configured but these guys are security nuts, which believe that updates of any kind break things.

So I am going to have to take the system, clear it and see what is what if they agree.

Probably won't happen.

I also have a guy on my list that keeps his system going on 1 win7 install and if it breaks even though he has worked it to almost death refuses to replace it till its sort of in a semi broken state.

He's my brother and well.

I have also had people that instead of asking me load a load of stuff for something I allready have.

This means the system gets full of spyware and other junk.

The stupid thing is I have access to the stuff they need and all they need to do is ask me for it, give me the cash and I send the thing.

But no.

So here is a system totally screwed because no one listens to little me, so another reformat but I actually feel like I was wasting my time.

My top one is the person that had a virus.

Her responce, load 30 firewalls 30 antimalware and virus scanners and a load of other things to find out what the best is.

Result, 95% of the hard drive is full of junk files.

Removed all the programs and put it down to just a couple.

The system needed to be back the next day.

So its on all night long clearing out junk files and happily it worked after that but still.

Then there are the people that read half the screen, try to do a simple task and end up in the middle of another galaxy, loading spyware, extra software and the like without knowing what it is.

They don't know how they got there maybe they got distracted.

So I clear the system and just in case I am a total retarded dumbo which is possible because I remember so many command sets its impossible to remember everything at any 1 time, and I can get there and it works and I can't find where the problem actually was.

I don't think its possible though for the blind to halfscreen anything in fact unless I am really that tired that I am falling asleep at my terminal which doesn't happen these days because I make sure to go away before that happens.

In fact if  I start to read something, or search for stupid things online or sit for a minute or so, only to find myself pushing my eyes then I pritty much know I need to hit the sack because the next time and thing I know I will be off my chair.

On 17/10/2020 4:45 pm, Leslie wrote:

One time I took my computer to Geek Squad and they messed one of my computers up royally too.  My computer went through two other parties before it was fixed.  That computer spent its entire life with me and I got another computer and some left over voices were loaded onto a brand new computer.  I just removed them recently.  Repair places can really mess up computers when they don’t understand screen reader software.


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