Re: Windows 10, NVDA, Narrator and Braille

Marten Post Uiterweer

Hi Pele,

Narrator uses his own display driver and replaces the one of other

Press ctrl-win-n, this will open narrator settings. You can use NVDA

Press shift-tab a 17 times.
You will land on something like: Braille display driver.
In my case, it is set to Focus 3 display driver.
Change the driver here.

You can also change it in device manager, but this is more simple.

Regards, Marten

On Sat, 17 Oct 2020 08:59:48 +0100 "Pele West" <pele.westlists@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone

I am using Windows 10 2004, NVDA 2020.3 and Narrator.

A few days ago I tried connecting my Braille Sense U2 QWERTY to the
laptop to use as a braille display in Narrator. I had to install BRLTTY
then it
worked straight away. I did not have to select a device.

Since then I have not been able to use the Braille Sense with NVDA. When
I select HIMS it just says "Error, Cannot Load Braille Display". I also
tried loading all the other displays, in case one worked.

As I had not done this for some time, I don't know if the problem is
with Windows 10 2004, NVDA 2020.3 or narrator and BRLTTy.

I tried uninstalling Accessibility Support from Settings, using
instructions I found on the web, but BRLTTY is still there when I try to
select a braille display in NVDA.

I have looked at the Narrator manual, but the instructions are the same
to uninstall BRLTTY.

As an experiment I tried connecting my Brailliant B64 display to the
laptop. It would not connect. This display is usually connected to my
Windows 7 machine, which works perfectly with NVDA. The Braille Sense
also works with the Windows 7 machine.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get NVDA connected
again? If possible I would still like to be able to connect Narrator,
but this is not essential.


Pele West

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