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I'm not sure what that means. While its good that they are willing to do so, do they have the knowledge to evaluate how it works? If they upgrade a program, do they know how to evaluate whether it is accessible?

I don't want anyone who isn't an adaptive technology specialist to make changes to my computer that might affect accessibility, the resolution of the video display, upgrading programs, nothing without my consent.

One reason we have problems with accessibility of programs is that those who develop the program don't know how to evaluate what is good or not good or almost meaningless accessibility. What good are the controls of a dialog, such as a yes or no button being read if the text of the dialog isn't. I've seen that in this or that program, where accessibility isn't properly implemented. I've seen most things read properly but what does the button do that just says button. How do I know if it affects what I want to do when using or working with settings in a program?


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Hi. I can't find the navigation button that was mentioned, but the information in the overflow area was shown when I pressed the LEFT ARROW. With regard to reliable computer companies, I've managed to find a local independent company that is willing to work with adaptive technology, and make sure that it's working correctly before releasing the computer.



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