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Hi, what is the addon you mentioned in the email?

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The following will help so you know when it is selected or not and the add on will tell you how many were high lighted  etc.

Do not worry about the spelling mistakes they will be fixed up before they go to my website.

  *Selecting and unselecting files in file explorer
when you go into a folder in file explorer you might only want to copy certain files out of that folder. They might not be together or in a group. to copy only certain files out of the folder if there are heaps of them you will need to do the following.
it would be easier to go to the top of the folder so you can see all the files below. Now hold down the CTRL key then use the space bar to select or unselect hightlight files. Each time you press the space bar on a unselected file it will then become selected. Work your way down the files you want and select them with the spacebar while still holding the CTRL key.
You should hear  wheather it is select or unselected. as you arrow down the list of files.r To confirm which ones you selected while still holding down the CTRL key go to the top of the folder then arrow down the list. If it only says the name of the song it is selected but if it says the name of the song and unselected then you know it is not. Usually the status bar can be read with the NVDA key + END key but not at present.

Gene nz

On 18/10/2020 12:27 pm, William Wong wrote:
Hi all,

In file explorer, after doing file or folder selection with shift up or down arrow, if I press num 5 key, it will only report the last item being selected.

After reading the user menu, it seemed that there is no way to report what are the items being selected?



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