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Generally, the newer the setting, it is better documented in the user guide. For example, consider the just mentioned setting in browse mode panel versus touch interaction panel – the former is an old setting, while the latter is a recent section (bonus: I wrote the touch interaction section apart from a bit on toggling touch interaction with a keyboard command). The user guide as currently stands has limitations, including covering only the basic scenarios.

Part of the reason why I produced Welcome to NVDA tutorial series (2013, 2015, 2018) was due to personal frustrations with the NVDA user guide. The biggest frustration is the issue Brian mentioned: lack of real-life scenarios. This is why when you listen to (or watch video) tutorials, you’ll notice more real-life examples being presented, and I believe that’s one of the strengths of NV Access’s own basic training material as well.

One idea I briefly considered was producing the fourth edition of Welcome to NVDA series this year but shelved it, knowing that there are folks who can produce better tutorial sets, along with the fact that NV Access has a basic training material now. But if there is a really strong demand for it, I’ll revisit this idea next year, with a possibility that the fourth edition will be the last Welcome to NVDA set I produce.





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Does such exist?

When reviewing the User Guide (at least what I've been able to find) there is very little to nothing regarding a number of NVDA settings, what they do, and how they change interaction with "the real world" things NVDA's working with.

One example is the Maximum Characters per line setting in Browse settings.  I can find absolutely nothing that clearly documents what that setting does or what changing it will do to NVDA's behavior.

I have to presume that there is a document that would go, panel by panel, and setting-by-setting, through these and what they do.  But if such exists, I really don't know where it is.

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