Re: NVDA and current selection in file explorer

hurrikennyandopo ...


the add on is not on the nvaccess add on page.

it came across the list so I downloaded it and put it into my drop box account where I have other add ons for earlier versions of nvda and later ones.

They are keaped on my nvda add ons page on my website.

some of them you will not find on the NVACCESS add on page.

The file wil tell you how many of the files are selected in the file manager as for some reason it is broken in Windows 10. You will need to know how to select the files which I done a rough tutorial for that I posted across the list. It will be tidied up and later on put on the website along with some other material.

The file can be gotten from

On 19/10/2020 8:29 am, Louise Pfau wrote:
Hi.  I can't find the add-on you mentioned in the community add-ons list, which is where I go to get my add-ons.  Where did you originally find it?



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