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           First, in reference to your final comment, there are different levels of documentation for end users, too.  All user guides I've ever seen, and I say this as a tech geek, are "too thick/too information dense" for newbies, but they're really not meant as getting started guides, either.  Hence the rise of the getting started guide, which is really focused on just that, as well as, oftentimes, an intermediate guide that hacks out of the full user guide the things that most users use most of the time, and tweaking as needed.  There is no way that I've ever seen that one can create documentation that is really useful for newbies, versus average somewhat sophisticated users, versus those who are willing and able to do "deep dives under the hood."

             As to the mindset of code contributors, and I speak from general experience of many years in software development, you are going to have to be able to discuss your software with someone who knows next to nothing about how it works and do so such that they can understand what you're saying.  Coders take specifications (or often they do) which are minimum requirements, and often more, and translate those into working code.  You very often have to go back and forth with the specification writers, who have back and forth with end users requesting something, and often both on the front end, and then after the code is written, if you're not writing the documentation yourself, with the technical writers who are tasked with producing same. It is, and always has been, a myth that coders can live in a coding-only bubble and not have to interact with those outside that bubble about anything.  And some of the biggest problems in the industry as a whole are the direct result of trying to create that artificial bubble that have failed, and repeatedly, before most organizations clue in to the concept that computer people do have to have people skills and be willing to use them.

             A spectacular coder who cannot communicate about what they're producing to others is worth less, in any organization I've been in, than a good coder who can communicate with ease with all other stakeholders about what they're producing.

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