Re: NVDA With Task Manager


Martin, with the computer you are working on is this your computer or is it just a computer you personally use at work.

If its not shared, I wander if you can ask your company to remove the screen reader, if not uninstall it completely at least have it not run on your account.

If its a system you usually use, can you ask the company to simply remove the reader saying it interfiers with the reader?

On a lot of systems I service weather family or for places I usually work with, in addition to all the accounts, I also have an admin account with a password.

This has everything including startup and such as little as possible.

This includes thirdparty security, chat and other software so at least I can work in this account without a problem.

Either that or ask the company to have the screen saver at a lower priority when you are using the system or the system is being used.

To be honest if this is a something you usually use and no one needs to access it then you should just disable the screen saver alltogether and use screen curtain.

I do not have any extras running on the system, bar the drivers needed to make it work.

On the workstations I do need to run 1drive, dropbox and google sync for the cloud storage as well as icloud but thats it.

Saying that I have people I maintain that insist on having various things like spotify, skype, and several other things they need active at startup running at once and yeah its a real pain to get about.

Thing is these data collection systems should be only running when the thing is not being used.

On 19/10/2020 9:55 pm, Martin O'Sullivan wrote:

Well I have managed to resolve the problem.

I used the following command to give NVDA a Realtime priority on the system.

wmic process where name="nvda.exe" CALL set priority 256

NVDA is working faster than it ever did.

The reason I was using task manager is that NVDA was slow.

I also found out why NVDA was slow.  Looks like my company is running some sort of data processing screen saver in the background (World Community Grid) which is working on testing for bloody covid.  So, I am giving NVDA higher priority than a deadly virus.

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