Re: Accessing cell content in Braille in Excel for Office 365

Brian Moore

Hi.  this is strange. Not having this problem with a braille display and a shared sheet shared through corporate one drive.  What display are you using?


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On 10/19/2020 11:12 AM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:

Hello all,

Using Office 365 for companies for some months now, I have encountered one problem accessing cell content in Braille.

When I want to edit a shared Excel file and write in a particular cell, opening it with F2, NVDA does not refresh the Braille display and I cannot correct typos with the braille display, only with the speech synthesiser.

I use last NVDA 2020.3 version with Office 365 for businesses.

Is it a known problem of NVDA or should I rather contact Microsoft?

Thank you for any experience some of you may have.



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