Re: control+f - The General Purpose Find Command in Windows


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 08:10 AM, Gene wrote:
I would think you could change it to something else, since NVDA lets you change keystrokes for commands.
In addition to several Windows utilities.  No software running under Windows is going to change commands of very long standing and that are understood by an immense user base to suit a user or small group of users.

I, like you, encourage people to "get used to it" and use commands as is.  And that's not snarky or nasty, but from having seen, far too often, that people flounder when they customize command sequences and are thrown into a situation where they need to use a different computer.  They very often cannot remember what they've customized nor how they even did it as time passes by.  Being able to be plopped in front of a strange machine, but that's running the screen reader you're familiar with, and being able to just pick up and go is important.  Heck, it happens every time you get a new computer.

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