Re: whats new in nvda 2016.3 tutorial:

Sharni-Lee Ward


Vocaliser requires you to pay over $100 for the license to use the synthesiser. I don't know why you believe it's necessary to have Vocaliser to make a tutorial. You don't need it. Just because other users have and use the addon and have made tutorials featuring it, doesn't mean you have to get it to make a tutorial.

Also, in my opinion, Vocaliser isn't as expressive as its creators would like you to believe. The voices sound very humanlike, true, but they are also flat as pancakes and don't respond to question marks or exclamation points, and you can forget getting them to pronounce things correctly!

On 31/08/2016 7:40 AM, Kenny Peyattt jr. wrote:

Hi can some one please help me with obtaining the volcalizer expressive for nvda?

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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