Re: windows feature update 20h2

Raha Tehrani

I've just updated to the latest version. "20H2" I've just discovered a
problem with the latest version of NVDA. as you do an alt+enter on
This PC, you won't be able to see the same system properties you could
previously see. instead, there will be settings which is not mainly
supported by NVDA. you can't read the information shown via NVDA. as I
switched to JAWS, it did much better. JAWS nearly read most
information existed there. but NVDA kept quiet. object navigation
didn't do the trick either.
Take care.

On 10/20/20, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 03:25 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Right. At least that’s as far as users need to know. Internally, 20H2
features are in a dormant state.
Then it's a staging update, but not the true Feature Update.  I have gone
through the staging updates in the past, but until and unless the Windows 10
Version and Build numbers actually change, it's not a Feature Update in any
meaningful sense of the word.


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