Re: Buying Compact vocalizer voices


It depends on what Vocalizer voices you are purchasing from. If you buy the one from Tiflotecnia, they have both the compact voices and premium voices. But if you buy the vocalizer from Code Factory, the only voices that available to you are premium voices only.

On 10/21/2020 1:27 AM, Daniel McGee wrote:
It is because I have a hearing impairment. This is why I prefer compact versions. I'm only seeing the normal versions of the vocalizer expressive voices and not the compact ones.

On 20 Oct 2020, at 17:24, Joshua Hendrickson <> wrote:

I personally don't know why people like the compact voices. To me,
they sound like complete crap and are all full of static. I've got
Daniel on my computer and could use him with NVDA if I wanted. I have
the scansoft version of him using SAPI5. However, he isn't my
favorite voice. He sounds very arrogant and snobbish at least to me.
But to each their own. Good luck.

On 10/20/20, Chris via <> wrote:
You get all voices available to you to use including Daniel and whatever
other voices you need to use

From: Daniel McGee
Sent: 20 October 2020 16:29
Subject: [nvda] Buying Compact vocalizer voices


Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

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