win10 20h2 installation notes


Hi all.

Note for those that have installed this and it works, after reading the bug reports there seemed to be no showstoppers so I installed this manually.

Here are notes.

Firstly you will need to set the multitasking to how you want.

You also will need to reinstall virtual midi synth because the device will not show up in windows device manager.

For any recording program such as virtual recorder you may have to set your microphone because it may be unset.

You will need to reinstall all screen reader display drivers if they don't do that on startup because things may not work till you do.

A reminder to deactivate and activate your synths like vocaliser and eloquence.

A reminder to also deauthorise and reauthorise itunes before and after you update else you will have a ghost machine.

To get to classic system properties for now go to start and search for create a restore point, hit enter on that and then hit left and right arrow and adjust as you see fit.

At one point, I guess someone will have to make a list of all the classic control panels, where they are and commands to run.

There are some on the net, sysdm.cpl is system, and mmsys.cpl is sound.

so yeah, unless microsoft delete the files for control panel right now its possible to run the interfaces, all we need is someone to create an app with all the classic control panels in it and we can run that like that as well as use settings.

Bugs/ regressions.

The biggest issue is system restore.

At least in my system, system restore was turned off and I had to turn it back on.

Windows griped about html and pdf causing errors and defaulting them back to their programs of origin, however when I checked the files out after running the programs they were set right so not sure about those.

Audio on realtech cards is slightly quieter at half volume but it sounds a little nicer now at least.

Little was changed, and no extras needed installing.

One last thing, for those that use resilio, in your windows.old folder under windows, system32 config, systemprofile and appdata roaming there is a folder called resilio sync service.

its important you transfer this to system32 in windows config, systemprofile and put it in the appdata roaming folder else you will lose all your path links

On this amd system, fans will spike then suddenly drop for no reason, and I have had at least 1 explorer crash after brousing folders in device manager and a few large file folders and had to restart explorer but so far not much.

Other users have not noticed the update.

For those with amd systems, the latest display driver according to the change log has fixed most of what was left of the majority of the show stopping issues with amd displays.

The biggest for us is youtube playback.

The only other issue to report is that the build ships with edge chromium 84 as well as older components and ll will need to be updated.

I have no idea why microsoft actually did this.

And just before I go, I will be on holiday for 3 days next week, so if I respond to something I shouldn't or seem out of touch its because I am, as I will be shutting down all technology and going away with my radio, recorder and a basic phone  to forget about the world for a little bit.

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