locked Re: Exporting NVDA features to Orca


I'm not going to lock this topic, because to my mind it is NVDA related.  But, it's NVDA-related in a way not really suited to an end user venue like this one.

As bizarre as it may seem, I'd advise you to take this to the Chat Subgroup, where there are no topic restrictions (within the realm of decency) and where a long and complicated conversation about the "under the hood" bits involved in such an effort can be discussed at length, and with as many members from the group as are interested in working on such an effort involved.

I'd move this topic there if I could, but Groups.io does not offer a mechanism to do so.

I suspect that there is a small, but significant, minority of the membership who might take a keen interest in an effort such as this.  For those that don't, and are already members of the Chat Subgroup, that's what the "Mute this Topic" link at the end of messages is for.

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