locked well, I guess I shouldn't have expected much


Subject says it all.

After all the bad bugs and other messages on the support readit, you'd think waterfox would fix their broken brouser in classic mode but I guess not.

Decided even though changes stated that there were only security updates this round, decided to try the program again.

As soon as I loaded one of my slower loading forums, waterfox froze and nvda had a garbage deleted objects issue where both stacks froze and I had emence trouble getting speech back, let alone narator to work in that state.

I have returned to 08.

Rumor seems to be that they seem to be putting all energies in their 3rd gen engine.

However of more concern is the fact they don't seem to be pulling current performance updates from firefox.

Technically I can stay on 08 for the rest of my life without an issue.

My add and script blockers are probably good enough and I don't leave my brouser open but still for a program with so much prommice its something really stupid and weird going on with this thing.

If there was a way to use classic accessability menus and not fiddle round with the modern  and wacky interface for all the extra addons and such in firefox, I'd switch to that.

Point is I like the classic uncluttered interface but if this continues to break, I may just have to stay here.

Its a pitty  that 2020.08 will be the last working version of waterfox classic for me, but it doesn't seem they are really improving the brouser much.

I'd probably make a fuss on github but I have other things to bother about, the brouser aint one of them and I don't intend it to be.

I am just slightly put off at all this goings on.

I was hoping that things would be better.

Maybe they are but right now I can't use a program that can generate interaction errors and take my reader with it pluss other things.

To be honest if I could find another classic firefox brouser that works without the drama going on or a classic chrome interfaced brouser or simply a simple classic brouser I may switch.

But some shops on chrome and others seem to be missing out decimal points in prices and I can't find a solution to have these read right and know waterfox handles it ok.

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