Re: gmail with standart view with NVDA

Øyvind Lode

I use gmail standard view to manage my emails.
I've totally dropped the use of a mail client.
Gmail standard view is excellent and Google have done a great job
making it accessible.
A lot of keyboard shortcuts is available.
Read the documentation and the how to use standard view with a screen
reader available when logging in.

On 31 August 2016 at 09:35, nasrin khaksar <> wrote:
the differents:
1/ in standard view nvda says unread for unread emails but in html
views does not.
2/ html is simple but standard is graphical and needs more times to
load and spends more internet charge.
3/ in html you dont have an uption for conversation but in standard
you can use hangout if i am correct for conversation.

On 8/31/16, Afik Sofir <> wrote:


I have email for work, that I have to connect via gmail to it.

Its not, but I use gmail web interface for it.

My question is

What the deffrences between the HTMl view and the standart view?



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