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I'm not sure there are more than perhaps two or three such settings but my question is why they are set as they are or are not user controlable? Is the figure setting not being controlable an oversight and are there plans to have the user be able to turn off live region speech?


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Gene, et. al.,

Has anyone ever thought about creating a document of, if not frequently used, at least reasonably frequently requested settings tweaks to turn certain behaviors/announcements off and on?

As time goes by, there are times where new features come into play where the default doesn't suit, and there are plenty of instances where existing ones don't, either. But, lets face it, some settings in the vastness of all available settings in NVDA are unlikely to ever be touched by most users.

Having this in some downloadable form, subject to updating "as needed" by its maintainer, is very handy indeed, and addresses a need. In this case, I am not volunteering to be the maintainer, at least not initially, simply because I am far less likely to ever know which of these settings is found annoying by someone or a number of someones who actually are daily-driver users of a screen reader, NVDA, in this case.


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