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enes sarıbaş

This is wierd. On my toshiba satallite L50A, the update is completely hidden, as if it never existed. Its a forth gen i5. Until now, I was always the first cohort to get an update since ms introduced install via check for updates.

On 10/20/2020 9:49 PM, tim wrote:
Got the same on my I5 4th gen.
My I5 8th gen still running 20.04 and both have same build numbers

On 10/20/2020 3:24 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well interestingly the update has appeared on my 4th gen workstation which has to be at least5 years old now but not on my amd laptop.

And yet, it does appear bar java and the display drivers which are updated nothing should be stopping it.

On my workstation, the update took 5 minutes to load and all I did was change the alt tab behaviour so it opens everything normally excluding edge tabs in the alt tab list because I like it like that.

Nothing was changed, in fact the only thing that has changed is the 20h2 tag, even the build is the same.

Nothing seems to be effecting things so far and nothing major needed to be updated.

In fact bar a few app updates I hardly noticed the update curve.

On 21/10/2020 7:59 am, Joseph Lee wrote:
NO, it's a feature update - build 19042.572. To check if you've got Version 20H2, open Action Center and see if "tablet mode" is present on desktop systems - if it isn't, then you have 20H2 unless tablet mode is unpinned.

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If you're referring to build # 572, I don't know what the new features are, bas I've seen no change in behavior or programs since I installed it on three systems.

On 10/20/2020 2:28 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Just noticed its come out, not yet for my laptop, but I will wait for it.

What have users found with it so far.

On 21/10/2020 7:16 am, Don H wrote:
Just installed the latest feature update to Windows 10.  Took less
than 10 minutes to install.  I was offered it as a optional update.


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