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Well I thought I'd have to do what I did to mine but the update just
showed on my second hp system an intel i5 7200 so I guess its still
going about.

On 22/10/2020, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

Actually it's not really weird at all, but an evolution in the workings of
Windows Update.  Fully automatic updates without user intervention are now a
thing of the past unless someone keeps a version on their machine that is
actually going out of support.  Windows Update itself interrogates the
actual computer it's on to determine the hardware profile, and depending on
that hardware profile, it will or will not be added to an update cohort
where a Feature Update is offered for the user to Download and install.
There have even been instances where a Feature Update has been offered, but
the offer not taken up by the end user, and it gets retracted for a time
because some "late breaking problem" has been identified that was not known
for that hardware profile previously.

Check for Updates as a way to force update has been eliminated, too.  The
only two ways I know of to force update are using the Update Assistant or
the Win10 ISO file to do a feature update, neither of which is a good idea
in the early days of any Feature Update release.

As has been said on many occasions, by many other than myself, best practice
with regard to Feature Updates is to do an occasional check of the Windows
Update pane to see if it's been offered.  Then, and only then, and
preferably after having done a full system image update, should the Download
and install link be activated to apply the Feature Update.

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