Re: control+f - The General Purpose Find Command in Windows

Quentin Christensen

Don't worry, we're not removing NVDA+f, or NVDA+control+f from what they currently do any time soon.

Actually, we've just made what is probably the biggest change to one of those commands we are likely to make without heavy consideration and consultation.  In NVDA 2020.3 NVDA+f does work slightly differently - it now reads the font information at the caret or system focus rather than the review cursor.  You now have to use NVDA+shift+f for the review cursor formatting information.


On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 11:38 PM Hettie <woehler.hettie@...> wrote:

Please do not take away this shortcut as it is important and essential when fonts descriptions is needed.


On 2020/10/20 2:02 pm, John Sanfilippo wrote:
I have two wishes concerning NVDA control F: 1, That it change to just NVDA f, I never use that. 2, That they do away with having to press Enter when search not found. O, and #, that it makes a sound and wraps to the top again.

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