Re: NVDA misbehaving after a Windows Update and NVDA Update

r pardhasaradhi reddy <rpsreddy00@...>

Hello sir! first of all thankyou reply to me.I update windows to 2018 to 2020. When I update the windows, NVDA Is doesn't speak some buttons and When I going to chrome browser NVDA doesn't respond to me.When I press the shift tab or tab or insert+B it saying pain button.I remove the all addons in NVDA.
But my problem is not solved.
2 hours back your told me one option that is restart with addons option.
I find that option But it said restart with the addons disable
When I focused the that option then press enter  my NVDA was restarted.
but My problem is not solved.
Please tell me sir? How can I solve my problem.
My NVDA version  is 2020point 3

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