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Chris Smart

Funny, outlook is the example I give when someone asks me about sluggish software. Outlook paired with a certain other program named after a movie shark is even more so!

On 2020-10-22 1:00 p.m., Tyler Wood wrote:

Thunderbird is amazingly sluggish for me and takes up well over 700 MB of ram. How is this okay (not aimed at anyone here). Maybe it was my configuration.

I’ve been using Microsoft outlook which, surprisingly, works very well. Windows mail worked fantastic too though from what I remember it did not close threaded messages correctly and kept them all expanded. I’m not sure if that has been fixed.


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I actually agree.

Its got its own niggles but its still good enough.

And with waterfox, I just tried a full run.

While there are sites which will generate freezes, its only 1 or 2 and I can get round them.

Quite impressed with it, seems to be mostly working and thats good.



On 23/10/2020 2:40 am, Chris Smart wrote:

Thunderbird is great and responds really really quickly! and that's coming from someone who stubbornly stuck to using eudora, even into Windows 10.

Yes, I used Eudora for probably twenty years. LOL


Just curious, what annoys you about Thunderbird? It is highly customizable, so maybe you just need to tweak some things.


On 2020-10-22 9:06 a.m., John Sanfilippo wrote:

Hi, which PC app do you like for mail. I'm watching out for something to replace Thunderbird. Thanks.

John Sanfilippo

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