locked Re: well, I guess I shouldn't have expected much


On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 12:59 PM, Tyler Wood wrote:
takes up well over 700 MB of ram. How is this okay (not aimed at anyone here). Maybe it was my configuration.
And I'll bet you're right.  I often have browsers taking up 500 MB plus, sometimes 1 GB or more, of memory because of the number of tabs/windows I keep open, but I never see anything like that with Outlook, Thunderbird, eMClient, etc., as they're set up on my system.

Right now I have Outlook 2016 up in the main mail window and it's only taking approximately 34 MB.  Just closed it and fired up Tbird, which is taking just under 300 MB as it's working it's little heart out to sync things (I haven't fired it up in a while) and settles out around 250 MB afterward.  eM Client comes in at around 115 MB.

In the case of Tbird, I am using TbSync and another add-on that keep calendar and contacts in Sync with Gmail, and those definitely take up memory and CPU cycles of their own, but listed as Thunderbird.

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