locked Re: well, I guess I shouldn't have expected much


On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 03:03 PM, Gene wrote:
It may be that on some systems, Thunderbird doesn't work correctly.
Oh, just based on repeated comments over time on the blind-tech-related groups about sluggishness and Tbird I am quite certain that's the case.

But what I believe, personally, is that the issue does not lie with Thunderbird itself, but something about how those systems are configured, and whatever it is seems to be in some deep, dark, non-obvious corner.  As I said in another topic earlier today, real bugs hit a huge number of users in the same way, and the sluggishness with Tbird, while not isolated to one person, is definitely isolated to a very small number.  It seems dependent on the machine it's being run on.

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