Re: NVDA misbehaving after a Windows Update and NVDA Update

hurrikennyandopo ...


I am guessing it is nvda that you updated and windows near the same time and some thing went wrong.

Maybe if it was windows some of the files needed in windows became un registed and hopefully the tool will fix the problem

Try the Run COM Registration Fixing tool... which is found under the tools section in NVDA and when located press the enter key on it and follow directions.

You might need to restart your computer and hopefully that will fix the problem. I usually shut down the pc then restart it as some times a restart of the pc does not fix the problem

By the way to find out which version of windows you have in the search box type winver then press the enter key and the next page that comes up will tell you the version number of windows.

If it is windows check under the help then about section as I am guessing that is what you are referring to when you said from win 18 to win 20 or some thing like that in the previous email.

If it says nvda 2020.3 then it is up to date with nvda.


Gene nz

On 22/10/2020 9:22 pm, r pardhasaradhi reddy wrote:

Hello nvda community! I am facing an issue with NVDA screen reader software. Yesterday I update my Windows 10 version 2018.3 to 2020.
So when I updated my Windows nvda software does not work properly.
It doesn't speak some buttons example when I press the tab button start button cortana button show desktop button and some more buttons but nvda hasn't speak some buttons and dialogue boxes.
When I going to Chrome browser in every time nvda has not responded.
I have to reset the all nvda settings but my problem is not solved.
I already uninstall the software and reinstall it but no change.
Narrator and jaws both are working properly.
How can I solve my problem please help me. Thank you

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