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The item is identified as maximum line length. It means that a line longer than the maximum number of carachters the function is set for will begin a new line at about the point of the maximum letters. If a line is shorter, it will be unaffected. Since words are not broken, this will mean the the maximum line length isn't exact. But note carefully that we are talking about a browse mode setting.

Web pages usually don't have line breaks. So you are telling the screen-reader how long to make the maxsimum line. there is a default setting, of course, but I can think of a circumstance where I might want to change it. I discussed this before as a means of skimming by line more efficiently by having shorter lines.

An interesting question is whether this setting is used in Microsoft Word if you turn on browse mode. As I understand it, you can use browse mode in a word document to do some things more efficiently than if you are just working with the document directly. Does browse mode in word break lines where soft returns are in a document or at a setting like maximum line length?


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Good Day: What happens if there is a shorter line than normal in the middle of your text somewhere, or if the page has a horizontal line to divide the text? I think there is more to this than what the first idea came out to be. That's why you need to identifiy everything. That's why my programming instructors pointed out in more detail, than I can ever express.


On 10/20/2020 8:53 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 10:32 PM, Gene wrote:
I would compare it to Word Wrap in Notepad except that you define the number of characters before the wrap occurs.-
Gene, that is a good analogy. But what I want to know is what "reading command context(s)" this has an effect on. I'm imagining only line-by-line reading, but . . .

Having something under the setting such as, "If a document has a line longer than the number of characters you set, for line reading it will be split into multiple virtual lines of the maximum length you specify."

I also wonder if it's intelligent as far as splitting at word boundaries, not hard and fast character counts. Mid-word splits would make things potentially very ugly.

That setting, naked as it is, is not something that's intuitive, clearly, just based on this topic. And I'm not saying that you're arguing that it is, just restating the need for some context regarding settings where the effect of same is in no way immediately obvious to the uninitiated (and even the initiated, much later on).


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