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Quentin Christensen


Those questions about using shorter lines and justifying them are all visual layout things you might do in the HTML code itself to make text stand out.  The line length in NVDA's browse mode settings is purely about the maximum amount of text NVDA will read each time you press the down arrow when reading a web page.  If the line is shorter, then it just reads to the end of the line.  NVDA doesn't change how anything appears visually.

Re Word, no it doesn't use NVDA's maximum line length in Browse mode.  Without looking at the code, my off the top of my head guess is because it doesn't need to use a virtual document for Word because the caret can move around the text just fine.  In a web browser, NVDA take the information from the browser and presents its own virtual representation of that (again, not changing what is shown on screen, and this is why sometimes users have found that NVDA can be at a point on a web page not visible on screen - although we regularly work to improve that synchronisation, and I'm not sure if it is still an issue actually).


On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 9:42 AM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
If the app uses browse mode, use page layout means that a page will be
formatted more the way a sighted user would see it.  The one instance I am
aware of is that if you don't use page layout, more than one link may be
shown on a line or I believe a link may be on the same line as nonlink text.
I don't use page layout because I want links each to be on their own lines.

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From: Robert Logue
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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Settings Documentation

This is so helpful.  I've wondered about these settings for a while but
didn't look at the documentation.

I just tried setting the line length to 40 which actually is helpful in this
web mail web app.

Now I'm curious how the line and page length settings are effected by use
page layout...

Thanks Gene.


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It might be a good idea to add that when moving by line in a web page
looking for something, the user might want to make the lines shorter so that
you don't have to listen to long lines of text to make sure you haven't
missed the information when you move to another line.

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