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it should be.

Den 26 oktober 2020 02:14:17 skrev "Kim Vaughn" <bluerobin39@...>:

Try using


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the new are crap

Den 24 oktober 2020 16:40:24 skrev "Giles Turnbull" <giles.turnbull@...>:

I am struggling with several things on the new Facebook design, including discovering this morning when I tried to share a post that there doesn't seem to be any way to do that using NVDA!

Something else I tried to do today when I realised I couldn't share the post was to copy and paste the text I wanted to share into a message to two of my friends. I started a new group message to the two people and then pasted the text into the message. I activated the Send button and got the error that I needed to address the message to somebody! Even though the two people's names were still listed as being recipients!

In the old layout (and I'm using the mobile version of FB on my laptop and Firefox browser) I often used to use a custom feeling. I used to type in the feeling search field and activate the Search button, and the result would come up as a link I could use to add it to my post. There is still a search field but no search button ... so I assumed I'd type my feeling in the text field and the result would appear in some sort of list ... but it doesn't! There are buttons for Clear and Cancel but that's it. I've looked through the list of NVDA+F7 elements to see if there's anything disguised as a link, a form field or heading etc, but there's nothing. In fact all of the 120-or-so "standard" feelings like happy, confused, goofy, angry don't show up in any of the NVDA+F7 elements ... in the page itself they are not reported as clicable elements, even though they function that way.

In the old layout I could choose from I think it was 6 reactions to comments on my posts ... I could react with like, love, care, haha, sad and angry. Now it seems that Like is the only reaction available.

If any NVDAers have figured out ways to do these things I'd be hugely grateful for guidance ... I'd post on FB about it with the feeling: overjoyed! :)


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