Re: NVDA Addon PDF2Text and python 3

Daniel Damacena

I use a tool to convert pdf files to txt ones. It is called xpdf. The link is below:

Download the command line tool. Put a shortcut of the pdftotxt.exe on the context menu by doing as follows:

press win + r. type "shell:sendto" and paste the shortcut.

Now all you have to do to convert a file is to press applications, send to, pdftotxt.

A file with the same name will be put in the same folder, but converted to txt.

Em 26/10/2020 04:47, felix keller escreveu:

Hello list,
There was once the NVDA extension PDF2Text.
Could someone see if they could be converted to Python 3?
To see the extensions you can use the following link:
I would look forward to feedback.
Kind regards
Felix Keller

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