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Yes, I will certainly add it as a new feature request on GitHub. Admittedly I just assumed somebody had already requested it long ago considering it’s a pretty bread and butter screen reader feature, but it sounds like maybe that’s not the case. Thanks everybody

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On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 02:28 PM, E.T. wrote:
Agreed. This "missing" function took me by surprise.
Accidents of history, really.  NVDA started life as a "minimal" core function screen reader that allowed easy extensibility via add-ons.   As time has gone by it's become a far less "minimal" core, often via the absorption of what had started out life as an add-on into the core functionality.

But when the functionality exists as an add-on, the pressing need for it to "become core" is greatly minimized.  So, often, novel core functions will be created rather than integrating add-ons into the core itself.

It's really no different than JAWS in that respect.  There are lots of things that still are done via scripts in JAWS that are analogous to the things done in add-ons in NVDA.

End users, particularly those new to screen readers, need to be made aware of the existence of these scripts/add-ons out there, both official and home grown (but most often shared with whoever needs/wants them).  There are all sorts of arcane tricks that are handled via these that will likely never be integrated into core functionality.

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