Re: Excel Column and row headings not recognized by JAWS

Tyler Spivey

The way to test this is to create a new blank spreadsheet, add some columns, define the headers with the NVDA commands and see if they show up as name ranges.
If they don't, then that's a problem with how NVDA sets them up.

On 10/26/2020 7:15 PM, Gerry Chevalier wrote:
I appreciate the link to Alan’s tutorial but I know how to set the Define Name Excel labels for rows and columns according to JAWS which Alan refers to as option 1. That’s not the issue. My question is if I set row and column headings with NVDA those headings are not recognized with JAWS but the NVDA user guide says they should be.
Thanks, Gerry
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See Alan Lemly's tutorial on the Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group, in topic, */Reading row and column headers using Excel defined titles tutorial/* <>
His message has downloadable examples and the whole tutorial itself, from Dropbox.
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