Re: Two NVDA Questions


On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 05:55 AM, Pele West wrote:
This was possible in Window-Eyes (which I know I should not mention), but I am using it so people know what I am trying to do.
And, for the record, there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with doing this.  The idea is to avoid long discussions of either out-of-support software or other screen readers, but the use of something for an, "I can do {action} this way with {insert screen reader, living or dead, here}, but can I do it with NVDA?," question is completely legitimate.

Questions of that form could not be about anything except how to use NVDA, which is dead-on topic for this group.  The use of other screen readers for comparison and/or contrast and/or clarification of intent is not forbidden, and never has been.

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